Brand Identity

Born in Madras, India, the chandler, Aditi draws inspiration from the vibrant scents of the subcontinent. The brand visuals encapsulate the same vibrance and also emphasize the skill that goes into the craft. 

The central unit of the brand visuals is the reflection of a craftswoman, that represents the two sides of the craft —  skill and effort. The Sun, which symbolizes growth, energy and purity are represented through unique visual forms for each fragrance in the collection. Flowers personify the importance that is given to each fragrance.The custom logotype includes Latin and Tamil letters that draw inspiration from traditional Indian lamps, vilakku or விளக்கு and pay homage to ADITI’s roots.

All the elements that tie the identity of ADITI together are derived from the concept of light — both outside and within. 


Brand Statement 

Mindfully curated, skillfully crafted and meticulously poured candles.

Brand Story


ADITI candles are handcrafted mindfully, paying close attention to fine details which are often overlooked. There’s no two ways about this, candle making is hard work and ADITI is devoted to making each candle an exquisite piece of art. 

Every fragrance added to the collection undergoes hundreds of burn tests and a series of trials with various fragrance mixes, wick sizes and natural wax compositions to curate the perfect blend. Consciously poured with natural ingredients which are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic, all the candles are created in small batches and left aside to cure for 2 weeks to ensure optimal performance. The laborious efforts spent on each ADITI candle for testing, pouring and curing result in inimitable burn time that raises the bar in the world of candle making.

Candles are most enjoyed when shared. ADITI believes in not just making well-crafted candles, but also in fostering a culture of spreading knowledge around candle making. ADITI strives to provide soulful scents that accompany you in the journey of growth, self care and love.